By: Blonde One

Since the spring this year I have been slowly (and painfully sometimes) been climbing my very own mountain of expeditions and their related paperwork. I have organised 10 trips in the space of 4 months (and attended a few others too). With hindsight I can definitely say that every single one was worth all of the effort. Each one had its problems: some small ones and some not so small ones. I have dealt with numerous issues which even now are starting to fade into insignificance. I have worked with the most amazing youngsters and watched them grow with confidence as they realise that they can achieve big things. All of this has been done with the words “don’t forget your day job” unhelpfully ringing in my ears! My family have been tolerant beyond words and helped me to make it to the end of the expedition season. Blonde Two and I have worked with a lovely mix of people and been to some fantastic new and familiar places. It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride but as I thought, standing at the summit puts everything into perspective. This mountain has taken a long time to climb but I realise now that the effort was well worth it.

Several times throughout the year I have told myself: never again. Already I am starting to wonder whether I will do the same next year!