By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes are back at work today.  We can’t grumble though, our week off has had been good, we have had three days together, explored two different moors and walked around one reservoir.  We have also seen sunshine for what feels like the first time in months (I may be exaggerating here).  Not constant, blue-sky sunshine, that would have been too much to hope for.  Instead there were sudden, gap-in-the-clouds, make-the-most-of-it rays of light.  They were lovely.

Exmoor Gate and View

On one of our Exmoor days, we were so excited about the sunshine that we decided that it would be rude not to sunbathe.  As you may imagine, sunbathing the Two Blondes style has its quirks;

Most people wear bikinis, shorts or even less to sunbathe – the Two Blondes opted for waterproofs, boots and woolly hats.

Most people find a private spot for their sunbathing – the Two Blondes chose a muddy track junction because it felt like coffee time.

Most people choose to sunbathe on sun loungers or sunny beaches – the Two Blondes just flopped back on some slightly damp heather.

One thing that I think all sunbathing episodes have in common is the opportunity to see the world from a slightly different angle than usual.  This one was particularly pleasing!

Exmoor Sunbathing