By: Blonde Two

This Sunday 25th September is National #GetOutsideDay 2022. Founded by our favourite map-maker, Ordnance Survey, #GetOutsideDay is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate some of the great outdoor opportunities we have here in the UK.

And have a fabulous time with family and friends.


Looking after the outdoors while it looks after you


We could all make this #GetOutsideDay a planet-friendly adventure.

We know that getting outside is great for our health and wellbeing but what about the health and wellbeing of our planet?

Looking after that has to be good for us too!

We all want to look after our outdoor spaces and environment, and one of the best ways to do that is to think about how we travel to and from our favourite outdoor locations.


Active travel and public transport

How we travel around matters. We all need the car for some things but there are also sometimes when we could choose a different way of getting from a to b.

They say a change is as good as a rest!

We Blondes have three easy things you could do to help the environment when you’re planning your #GetOutsideDay outing for Sunday.

They are all fun, I promise!


1. Get on your bike

Why not shorten or even get rid of your car time by cycling from home or from somewhere near home. Cycling is great cardio-vascular exercise, and an interesting way to see outdoor spaces. Check out B1’s ingredients for a good cycle ride.

AND… You don’t have to pay to park a bike!


2.  Walk from the front door

You can leave a whole load of hassle behind when you walk from your front door. No car parking, no traffic jams, and no direction confusion (well hopefully not too much). If you’re looking for a reason to go out, why not do what B2 did and investigate your local letterboxes?

AND HAVE… An exciting time exploring your local area.


3. Hop on the train

You really can’t beat train travel for that adventure-before-you-adventure feeling, and you’ll be amazed how many fantastic outdoor destinations you can get to by by train. Sunday trains aren’t as frequent as weekday ones so make sure you check timetables before you go.

AND DON’T FORGET TO…  Pack yourself a train picnic!


Adventure by train ideas

If you fancy a train adventure for #GetOutsideDay but can’t think of where to go, B2 has some great ideas for train adventures over on her website.

Have fun out there!!!