By: Blonde Two

The title of this blog post should really be “Blonde Synchronicity” but I have used that one before.  This weekend, the Two Blondes discovered another (rather weird) piece of conformity.  We were waiting in the Blonde Mobile for teams again (this end of the year, this happens a lot) and amusing ourselves by eating the Young Leaders’ sweeties (we were out of Jelly Babies by then). Blonde One asked me which order I ate coloured sweets in (black and white sweets are available).SweetiesIt will come as no surprise to our regular Blondees and Blondettes to find out that we Blondes eat our coloured sweets in exactly the same order.  Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Purple.  As ever in the orderly World-of-Blonde, there are strict rules to follow (we both understood these before we discussed them), the main one being that you must finish all of the sweets of one colour before you start the next colour.

What you may not have worked out though is why we chose this particular order … and here is the weird thing, we had completely different reasons.  Mine was stomach based (many of my decisions are) and I ate them in order of preference with least favourite flavour first.  Blonde One however, well I will leave you to see if you can guess her reason.  It is a very good one and compliments her love of order and pencil cases perfectly.  All suggestions welcome!