By: Blonde Two

I have never been a good traveller,  I have to look out of the window in the car (especially if I am driving) and both aeroplane turbulence and boats make me go to sleep. I didn’t expect though when I started sea swimming to experience the motion sickness phenomena whilst dipping.

It takes a certain kind of movement for the sea to make me feel that slightly away from reality feeling; kind of a rolling boil but on a bigger scale. Sometimes I don’t notice it until I try to stand up and experience a listing, sideways gait but other times I start to feel vaguely upside down almost as soon as I start swimming.

I have discovered one cure (apart from getting out, which, I can tell you, is a good cure in February) and that is to keep my head underwater all of the time. You will of course (because you are all intelligent) have noticed a cure-flaw here, keeping your head underwater all of the time can lead to drowning.

I have got used to sea swimming sea sickness now and just pootle along (if you can pootle in the water) enjoying the soporific sensation and adding it to the list of things about being in the sea that help me to relax. Please don’t worry about me falling asleep, I have experimented and the sea can hold me up for a long time…