By: Blonde Two

Well if the truth be known we were actually swimming alongside a Super Moon because we arrived at the beach just before the moon put in a rather shy appearance (well it was blushing a delicate shade of pink).

This was on Sunday afternoon so if I want to be even more precise, we were swimming alongside a Somewhere-near-Super Moon. This is how I happened to be part of this quirky and lovely group of wild swimmers.

Mr B2 had been baking bread (a great skill in a husband). We had planned a bread and soup picnic trip to Dartmoor but the first batch of dough hadn’t risen (although rather annoyingly it later expanded to fill the whole bin) batch two was just out of the oven (and delicious) when I received a exciting text message inviting me to the beach in around 15 minutes.

I already had my rucksack out because I was still planning to drag poor old Mr B2 out to see the Dartmoor sunset. The cold-moonlight-swim option was a good one because I knew it would blow out some cobwebs plus it meant that Mr B2 would be left in peace.

So I arrived at the beach with swimwear, a slightly too small towel, excellent bread and lentil soup. Quite organised I thought for 15 minutes notice.


The moon was exciting although pale and small to start with. The company was most excellent. The bats were larger than I thought they should be. All very lovely, but most importantly, the swim was refreshing and nowhere near a cold as the River Dart (this apparently is usually true). I stayed in for a lot longer than the fab time lapse footage on Belinda Dixon’s adventure blog suggests and it was far too cold for any jellyfish to make an appearance (I wouldn’t have been able to see them anyway!)


I think I am starting to get the hang of this wild swimming thing. For a start, it is definitely more fun (and I am definitely more likely to get in) if there are other people doing the same thing!

PS An appropriate piece of Moon Music… bet you can’t guess what it is…