By: Blonde Two

It was bound to happen sometime.  With a Blonde diary and a Blonde head full to bursting, I have managed to double book myself next week. This means that Blonde One will be off driving her minibus without her number on Blonde Navigator.

I am not at all worried about her though.  You should have seen her last weekend; she took the bus into all sorts of tight places and didn’t make me flinch once (I am a very flinchable passenger).  She also did a fair bit of “Swinging it Out” in order to get round some tight corners.  We have become quite a driving team, I know all of the important things like which sweets to unwrap for her (not those horrid green ones), when to turn the music down just before a manoeuvre and when to get out and watch her backside (lots of male volunteers for that).

We had an interesting moment in the car park up behind the Dartmoor Inn on Sunday.  Some kind soul had all but blocked the bus in and we had to do some quick Blonde calculations regarding how to wriggle it out.  We did these and I positioned myself to help – minibuses are not like cars and you have to plan your positioning carefully in order to avoid being invisible to the driver (and thus squashed!)  What I hadn’t realised on this occasion was that Blonde One had done some of our famous “dynamic planning” as she started the engine and decided to turn the other way.  No squashing occurred as “dynamic plan recognition” is a key Blonde skill and I still managed to be in the right place.

One thing we have noticed is that being Two Blondes driving a minibus around with no (I know, that this is scandalous) … with no MEN attracts a bit of attention.  Now we are unsure and you could help us with this;  Is that fear that we see in the eyes of the blokes as our Blonde Chariot approaches, Blonde hair flying out of the windows and eyes mysteriously hidden behind sunglasses?  Or do we just look really, really outdoorsly attractive?