By: Blonde Two

If you have spent much time with the Two Blondes recently, you will almost certainly have noticed a certain amount of synchronicity in the air.  It is a phenomena that appears to be increasing and that is, almost certainly, now out of our control.  For example, we almost always order the same food when we are out (which we need to be again soon).  This is, perhaps normal and not to be puzzled at too much but a new and slightly disturbing phenomenal element has occurred several times recently which is a bit more on the odd side and slightly disconcerting.  It goes something like this …

Two Blondes, mid conversation or mid contemplation, suddenly turn to each other and say, in complete unison, “I need a wee.”  This has happened lots of times; We are used to telling each other exactly where we are going when we need toilet stops on the moors because of the need for the other (non-weeing) Blonde to fend off marauding youngsters.  However, we have not had such synchronised bladders before.

I have noticed too, that our clothing has started to match.  At the D of E training on Saturday, there were definitely similar shades of blue on similar Blondes (this was probably my fault as a merino purchase in New Zealand means that I have strayed into Blonde One’s system colour (mine is usually green or orange).  Despite us having a system for colours (doesn’t everyone?), our synchronicity seems to be out of control and taking over.

Here is another example – I went to a well known “comfortable knicker” shop last week and absent mindedly came out with a new skirt for work (and no much needed new knickers).  It is a lovely skirt and was very pleased with it until the first time I wore it when I realised that it looked very familiar in the mirror.  That’s right Blondees and Blondettes, synchronicity had struck again – I had bought exactly the same skirt as Blonde One.

Our current favourite phrase is “of course” and is used after any particularly odd synchronistic moment (check that word out)!  We use it an awful lot!  When I told Blonde One about the skirt she just said that it was only a matter of time before we started to dress the same.  Vive la (non) difference and vive les Blondes!