By: Blonde Two

After Thursday’s Blonde visit to the lovely bluebells at Holwell Lawn, Blonde One and I went down to the Old Inn at Widecombe to have a spot of dinner and do some expedition planning. (We weren’t planning to do planning, it just kind of happened!)

We had a particularly complicated bit of ‘Which vehicle, where, with which Blonde, with which DofE team and with which young leader?’ piece of logistics to sort out, and I decided that a few table props would help.

I am sure you will agree that the white sugar cuboid (I was raised by a mathematical pedant) looks just like a minibus, and that the smaller brown cubettes closely resemble two Blonde cars. What you probably don’t realise is that the milk bottle represents school, the napkin an expedition start point and the flowery purse (of course) our rather lovely campsite.

We spent a couple of unsatisfactory minutes driving our sugar around the table but part of the puzzle was missing, we didn’t know who was travelling in which car. You can see Blonde One’s solution below and the ‘Where, with,which?’ enigma was safely organised into a perfect Blonde plan.

Blonde Planning Two

Dinner was also very good!