By: Blonde Two

I have never met anyone who is as keen on outdoor kit as my middle offspring Six-Foot-Blonde… except maybe his father… or maybe his mother…

Which means that whenever Mr B2 and I go to visit him we have a bit of a gear frenzy with comparisons, show and tell sessions and the ubiquitous walk in the Todmorden rain (it really is small wonder it floods there I am surprised they don’t all have webbed feet).

For Six-Foot-Blonde, no walk is complete without a bit of kit usage, which is great because with him, kit usage invariably involves a tarp shelter and a cup of rather good coffee (or in my case peppermint tea).

You might remember that we have had a previous family adventure up to see (we didn’t) the Bride Stones up above Todmorden. Mist instead of snow this time but we still didn’t really get a good look. We did, however, find a great trig point (thanks Ordnance Survey),

sit under a fabulous tarp erection

and have some rather yummy hot drinks.

PS My favourite bit of Six-Foot’s recent gear was a clever device that will convert your stove to a different type of gas canister – useful if the shops near you are hopeless at gas!

PPS Most of my family are quite good at gas!