By: Blonde Two

Since we said goodbye to Harry-the-Jack, I have missed having something to take for a walk. Mr Blonde Two will make a ‘humphing’ noise when he reads the above, because the reality most evenings was that he and Harry went for a walk, while I sat and wrote about walking.


Six-Foot-Blonde misses Harry too, and has started taking dogs from his local animal rescue shelter out for walks instead. I half expect him to turn up a Christmas with one of them. Mr B2 and I have tried walking round the block without Harry a couple of times; but it just wasn’t quite the thing. People in China are obviously having the same problem, because they have started taking cabbages for a walk. I can’t begin to explain this phenomenon so you will have to search for it yourselves; but trust me, they are doing it.

In the meantime, you could help me to think of other options for walk-taking. Blonde One would be the obvious candidate, but she is quite capable of taking herself. I don’t like the idea of a cabbage on Dartmoor because it is bound to shed leaves everywhere, and I would feel that I should pick them all up. A potato might be a bit more hardy, but probably small enough for me not to notice if it fell off the end of the lead. Maybe a water melon, but that would be very messy if damaged, and I have no idea which knot would work on such a round item.

I had a look in the vegetable basket and I think I have found the perfect thing! I have named it Buttercup, now everybody will know me if they see me on Dartmoor.

Butternut Dog