By: Blonde Two

From time to time we Blondes are sent free outdoor products to field test and promote. We will always be honest about our findings, and any products we don’t keep for ourselves find their way into our expedition stores. Great for us, great for you, and great for our youngsters (although we think Mr. B1 and Mr. B2 will be keeping these walking shoes.)

Men’s walking shoes

If you’ve invested in a man, you’ll know that they do sometimes like to go for a walk. Both Mr. Blonde One and Mr. Blonde Two enjoy a stroll but not, as Mr. B2 would put it, ‘One of your route marches’. If your walks often take you through bogs, across tussocks, and up rivers made of chocolate, it makes sense to have a walking boot or eight in your shoe cupboard. However, if your walks are usually on kinder terrain a more versatile walking shoe can be exactly the footwear you need.

I hadn’t done much research into men’s walking shoes before Trespass offered us the opportunity to try their collection. When I started to have a look I was surprised to find out that:

  • Not all walking shoes are brown
  • Some look like trainers
  • Others look more like boots
  • Some are waterproof
  • Some have Vibram (non-slip) soles

If I sound like a walking footwear geek here I make no apologies. It is a topic in which, for obvious reasons, I am really interested. I have however never worn a men’s walking shoe so I have left it up to the chaps to tell you how they got on with their new shoes.

The Trespass Taiga Men’s Walking Shoe (Mr. B1)

‘I opted for the Taiga walking shoes. My old shoes did not have a particularly robust sole and every rock underfoot could be felt. The Taiga shoe looked to have a strong and flexible sole.

When they arrived and I first tried them on I was impressed at how comfortable they felt for brand new shoes. The fit was true to size and supported my feet well.

The first outing for these was a weekend in Cornwall spent near the coast. They have had a good test on a variety of terrain including road, coast path, beach and rocks. We had a scramble over large rocks to reach a secluded beach and I was impressed with how supported my feet felt and how well the shoes gripped the rocks. They coped equally as well with stony coast path walking, which I sometimes find uncomfortable on the soles, providing support and stability.

Overall I am delighted with the Taiga shoe and am looking forward to putting them in action again!’


The Trespass Vorce Men’s Walking Shoe (Mr. B2)


‘I chose the Vorce walking shoe to replace a pair of aging casual walking shoes. My old shoes had served me well for several years despite being treacherously slippy when the ground was wet underfoot.

Bearing this in mind, I was keen to have a shoe that offered a good grip, particularly in wet conditions. The Trespass shoes have proved to be very comfortable, although people with wider feet may find the toe box a little narrow. I normally hover between size 41 and 42 in more casual shoes and opted for 41 in this instance. In this size, the shoe has plenty of length for me.

So far I have mainly walked on harder, dry surfaces and I have to say the shoes do not disappoint. They are very comfortable and my feet don’t move around inside when walking up or down hills. They offer a robust grip and feel both flexible and supportive. I would add they are quite warm and may not be best suited to hotter summer days.

I am looking forward to trying them out in wet conditions, but I am confident that they will handle this in their stride!’


So there we have it. The blokes are happy and we Blondes are happy. Here’s to happy walking, whoever you do it with and whatever your footwear.