By: Blonde Two

This year Family-Blonde-Two are coming home for Christmas. Nothing unusual there you might think, but for us it is the first year that all of our children have been away, and so the first that they can come back again.

Not-at-all-Blonde has already arrived from her new home in Up-North. Already very sensible, it is amazing how much someone can ‘grow up’ in a few months of independent living. I can recommend sending your daughter (or son) away on a course that teaches her (or him) culinary arts. I came home from work on her second day home to a delicious creamy vegetable soup!

Six-Foot-Blonde and his girlfriend Red-Red-Blonde arrive tomorrow, they are coming from Up-North as well. Red-Red-Blonde is a teacher too, so I have declared tomorrow to be, “Teachers On The Sofa Day”. On this day all teachers in the house have to sit around on sofas and everybody else has to look after them. If you are a teacher, you will understand why this is necessary; if you are related to one, I am sure that you won’t mind waiting on them hand and foot!

We have to wait until Thursday to see Bearded-Blonde, but when he arrives from the depths of Up-North-Dartmoor, house Blonde Two will be bursting at the seams. I am really looking forward to it all, especially now Not-At-All-Blonde is fully cooking capable!