By: Blonde One

Blonde Two is normally in charge of all things technology or gadgetry. She understands it all so much better than me and often has to help me to sort things out. I don’t mind not knowing about it and I’m only too pleased to ask for her help. Things have been changing a little bit lately though and our roles are changing slightly. It’s a bit of a worry as I keep seeming to pull out of the bag some techy knowledge that surprises us both! I don’t know what’s happening to me!

The latest thing is my camera. Both Mr Blonde One and I love taking photos. We differ in the style of photography though. Mr Blonde One will use very expensive gear to set up some amazing shots that look fantastic to start with, and then he will use technology to enhance them so that they look even better. His kind of photography is very considered and the results are very very good. My style is to take lots and lots and lots of quick snaps which sometimes turn out quite good. I will usually delete about 75% of the ones I take. Once I have taken them they just get uploaded onto the computer and sit there until someone has a look sometime in the distant future.

Since I’ve been put in charge of our Instagram account I haven’t used the camera much. It’s so much easier to take pictures on my phone and then they can go straight onto Instagram. I commented to Blonde Two recently that some clever cameras have wifi and can presumably do some clever internet type things! That very evening I noticed the wifi symbol on my very own Sony camera! What a surprise! It’s only taken me 2 years to discover it! I thought I was doing well with it as I can operate the timer, use the different settings for things like snow and twilight, and take a video as well as a photograph. This wifi discovery has put things on a whole new level. I can now take photos and upload the good ones straight onto my phone. What’s even better though is that I can control my camera with my phone! It’s amazing; I can set up the camera with its mini tripod and then see what the camera sees through my phone. So Blonde Two and I can position ourselves in the perfect place and press the shutter button from there. We’ve had such good fun playing with it that we don’t often get very far with our walks because of it. Watch this space for some of the products of our fun.

Of course, it doesn’t always go to plan …