By: Blonde One

As the more observant of our blondettes will have noticed, I am the least techy of the Two Blondes. I tolerate technology and will eventually get to grips with most of it but it inevitably takes me a long time! Blonde Two is very patient with me and tries not to use words such as RAM or server and instead has learnt to read the signs as my eyes glaze over and use words that she knows I will understand! Today I had the pleasure of doing some more DofE route planning (always a pleasure) with a participant and I set him the task of doing a map trace electronically. This is a task that I have tackled previously and had a disproportional amount of success compared to the time and effort it took! I naïvely thought that this particular participant would also find the task a challenge (even though he is a very clever 16 year old mathematician and scientist)!! Needless to say, after approximately 45 minutes he had it sussed! He had plotted a route, added checkpoints, saved the document and emailed it to the right person all in a super quick time. It’s tough to be reminded that my tech skills are rubbish but at the same time it’s good to know that someone lovely with better skills than mine will help me out! I have, however, learnt that by playing the ‘I’m not a techy’ card, someone will usually come to my rescue!!!