By: Blonde Two

You must know by now, how much the Two Blondes like planning.  Blonde One has recently achieved a Black Belt award in it.

Well … we are coming to the end of our little Blonde holiday now (we will tell you all about it at some point) and it has (mostly) gone very smoothly.

This is a bit surprising because, before our trip, we decided to do something radical.  We decided to do our planning telepathically.

This meant that we didn’t have a meeting, write any lists, discuss the route or even decide who was bringing the Jelly Babies.  I did what I thought needed doing and Blonde One did the same.

A brave strategy, I am sure you will agree, for Two Blondes who like to plan most things and have as system for the rest of them.  But so far, it has worked out.

We have had beds to sleep in, we have had a walk, we have had food to eat, we have had wine to drink, we have worn matching clothes, we got here successfully and, most importantly of all, we are happy.

See, we Blondes are now so good at planning, we actually can do it in our sleep!