By: Blonde Two

I am not sure about the weather up on Dartmoor yesterday but down here in the valleys (cue Welsh accent) it was the perfect Autumn walking day.  The sky was blue, the air was fresh and the wind was (well) windy.  The temptation to escape to the moors, which were beckoning me from my window, was huge but I didn’t succumb.  I can hear your Blondee and Blondette cries of horror from here – “Have you lost all of your maps Blonde Two?”  “Have you lost your love of Dartmoor?”  “Have you lost Blonde One?”  None of the above, but I agree that Two Blondes without the moors on a lovely day was a sorry state of affairs.

There was a reason for our seeming lack of commitment.  Both Blonde One and I had a lot of work to get done before our return to work on Monday (boo).  As I sat working, I knew that if I picked up the phone and suggested a walk to Blonde One, she would say “yes” immediately and both of us would end up with overdue work on Monday morning.  In my head she was sitting at her work table, occasionally Googling pictures of Dartmoor and trying very hard not to text me the walk question.

Blonde telepathy is often very strong and it will be interesting to find out if she was indeed sharing my thoughts. Although she lives about 8 miles away from me, we often don’t need to use that magic that is the text message.  I pack sandwiches and a flask, she packs sandwiches and a flask.  She wears her Ten Tors hoodie, I wear my Ten Tors hoodie. I want to eat cheesy chips, she wants to eat cheesy chips.

Telepathy is very useful when dealing with youngsters.  Without even glancing at Blonde One, I can tell if it my turn to play “Good Blonde” or “Bad Blonde”.  Let’s see if she can guess which shape I am thinking of right now …