By: Blonde One

A little bit of optimism goes a long way

Many teachers and youth group leaders have been waiting with baited breath this season to hear whether the annual Ten Tors challenge will take place. The managers’ day back in October took place online but was an impressive reminder of the efficiency and organisation skills of the British Army. The future of the 2021 event, for the team leaders, was very much in question and we were desperate to hear some positive news. We weren’t disappointed.

Since we have now experienced lockdown number 3, we are in no way expecting things to remain the same. Groups haven’t been able to train at all never mind carry out camp practise training. Luckily at Trinity, we managed one training day back in December where we actually got up onto Dartmoor with our fine group of hopeful team members. Since then training, in any format, has been prohibited. Not to be deterred, the Army have announced a new style of Ten Tors for this year to take this into account. They clearly have been working hard in the background to make the event happen in some shape or form. It is reassuring and heart-warming to realise how committed they are to this event: the largest outdoor youth event in the country.

Ten Tors 2021 (as things stand at the moment) will be a one day event. The distance has been reduced to take this into account and teams will now walk 25, 30 or 35 km (15, 19, 22 miles) instead of the 35, 45 and 55 miles. To avoid all of the 2400 youngsters congregating at the start, teams will be allocated one day out of 3 to participate, so reducing the number of people being together. Other considerations have been put in place to ensure the event takes place in a safe way, while still maintaining the element of challenge.

So many youngsters missed out on the event last year, that have come back in 2021 for another chance. To hear that the Army are so determined to make it happen is brilliant. Watch this space!