By: Blonde One

Today will see a flurry of vehicles arriving at Okehampton Army Camp, sitting on the northern most edge of Dartmoor. School minibuses full of excited and apprehensive youngsters will arrive to prepare for the Ten Tors challenge.

This year is particularly special as it’s the first Ten Tors event since 2019 and everyone involved – staff, participants, organisers – are all excited to have it back in the calendar.

2,400 young people between the ages of 14 and 19 will cross the start line at 7am on Saturday to navigate across the moors following a pre-set route of either 35, 45 or 55 miles. They will do this without assistance, over two days, carrying everything they need on their backs: including food and camp equipment.

This is a rite of passage for youngsters in the South West and definitely one way to unify a group of otherwise strangers.


Training this year, my 23rd year, has been a pleasure, with the weather being extremely kind on the whole. Trinity School have once again entered a team into the 35 mile event. Six intrepid students will give it their best shot to get to the finish line on Sunday by 5pm.

We wish the Trinity team and the other 399 teams the very best of luck! See you at the finish line.

“O God, who has made the earth of great beauty
and instilled in man a spirit for adventure,
we thank you for the beauty of nature
for the courage and vigour of youth
for companionship
and for the opportunity to enjoy these gifts
Go, we pray, with all who are setting out
on this great venture
among the tors of a unique and ancient moorland.
Grant that, by meeting each challenge and difficulty
with honest endeavour and unselfish courage
they may find a spirit of determination and
true comradeship
that will benefit themselves and those about them
both now and in the future.”