By: Blonde Two

For once, the term ‘swimmingly’ doesn’t apply to Ten Tors Camp and it’s notoriously muddy-bog-fields.  The water is not squirting through the ‘kitchen’ floor, we haven’t had to bring straw in to soak up the mud and none of our tents have blown away.  There is, of course, always time for things to get wetter!

Team Blonde (featuring the Welshman) arrived without mishap at Okehampton Camp yesterday. We are pleased (and somewhat surprised) to report that Ten Tors camp set-up went the un-wet kind of ‘swimmingly’ .

No tents blew away (this has happened before).
No Portaloos blew over (this has happened before).
All Portaloos had paper (this has never happened before).
We found a flat marquee pitch (this has never happened before).
All tent legs were put on correctly (this has never happened before).
We had a lovely new stove (this worked!)
We had borrowed a lovely big kettle (this also worked!)
We had time for a cuppa (this has never happened before).

Much later in the day, after last minute chair and water carrier buying, another ‘swimmingly’ thing happened to the Two Blondes.  I am sure you will agree that we deserved it!