By: Blonde Two

We Blondes are up and about already this fine (?) Saturday morning. We are off up to Dartmoor with our good leader Mr Welsh and about twenty young hopefuls for a day of rucksack humping, compass twiddling, Jelly Baby eating adventure.

We have had a lovely week at school (in contrast to some recent and definitely not-so-lovely weeks) because, once more, excited young people have been stopping us in the corridor, in the car park and mid-teaching-thought to ask such important questions as:

“What if my rucksack is too heavy?”
Answer: You will get used to carrying it or your team mates will help you.
“Do I need to bring my sleeping bag?”
Answer: No but you will need it next time. Ask us for advice before you buy one.
“Why do we need to carry tents on a day walk?”
Answer: Safety, we have needed emergency tents more than once. Plus we need to slow you down so that we can keep up!
“Have you got some waterproofs I can borrow?”
Answer: Yes, go and see Blonde One (insert teacher name). We have built up quite a collection so that everybody who wants to can join in.

Obviously we love being asked these and other far-ranging questions. We would stop in the corridor, in the car park and even mid-teaching thought to answer them. They are questions to make Blondes smile, to make their hearts sing and to remind them that there are a lot of very, very nice young people out there.

All those young people need is a chance to prove themselves. Dartmoor here we come!