By: Blonde Two

Could you wild camp in the middle of Dartmoor?
Could you smile at the ice on your tent?
Could you shiver all night and still smile?

Could you carry more than a third of your body weight?
Could you do it for two days?
Could you do it as it gets heavier and heavier in the rain?

Could you find your way across Dartmoor with a compass?
Could you do it when you can see only ten paces ahead?
Could you do it in the dark when you are exhausted?

Could you set off at seven o’clock on Saturday morning?
Could you do that and keep going until Sunday afternoon?
Could you do that and keep your friends going too?

Could you do all this with a twisted ankle?
Could you do all this and take someone else’s load too?
Could you do all this with blisters covering your feet?

Could you cross the finishing line with a smile?
Could you carry your flag with pride?
Could you do it together, as a team?

Today, just as this post is publishing, over two thousand young men and women will set out to prove that they can; that they are up to the Ten Tors Challenge.  Some will be, some won’t be.  All will be tested to their very limits.