By: Blonde One

Ten Tors or DofE: which is easier?!


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Many people wonder whether Ten Tors is the toughest challenge or a DofE expedition. There is always a friendly rivalry between the two ‘camps’ about which is better. I am not for a second about to comment on which is better or tougher, but I will try to explain a little about the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition.

This expedition requires a young person of 16 years or more to walk for 4 days with 3 nights camping, whilst carrying everything they will need for the trip. The team of between 4 and 7 will navigate themselves around unfamiliar wild country.

Here’s a few comparisons:

Area: Both in wild country. DofE will never have walked there before, Ten Tors will be familiar with exact area.

Distance: DofE can travel for about 20km (12 miles) per day, Ten Tors will travel 35, 45 or 55 miles over 2 days.

Duration: DofE Gold is four days, Ten Tors is two.

Equipment: the same for both.

Food: DofE enough for 4 days, Ten Tors enough for 2.

Adult supervision: minimal for both. DofE could be once a day, Ten Tors at least 10 times over the 2 days.

Both types of expedition are tough, there’s no doubt about it.

A Gold expedition will test stamina to its limit as well as physical strength. The recent Trinity School Gold trip was a resounding success due to the sheer determination and stamina of the team. There were numerous times along the journey where a lesser person might have given up. There was the expected blistered feet, uncomfortable rucksacks and necessary bog hopping. From the beginning of the training in October several of the team faced up to their inner voice telling them they couldn’t do it and proved it wrong as they marched to the finish in high spirits. It takes a great deal of courage to ignore that inner voice but that’s exactly what some if them did. For me, this was one of the highlights of the trip. All of the team, whatever their previous experience, will tell you that they learned loads about themselves and found a new inner strength that they will remember and use for other challenges in life.

Whatever challenge our teenagers face, Ten Tors or DofE, they should be saluted for accepting the challenge, giving it a go and for simply begin excellent #GetOutside role models.