By: Blonde One

At the end of another busy season, there’s always lots of jobs to be done with regard to looking after kit. Either at home or at school, the end of the season means a good clean of all the equipment and a check that everything is still in good working order and in good condition ready to begin the next season. One of these jobs is tent peg cleaning and straightening! The number of pegs in a peg bag dwindles slowly throughout the year and so it is important that the ones that are left are usable. Dartmoor granite is tough opposition for a bit of aluminium or even steel and so they almost always end up bent after a few trips out.

Mr Blonde One helped out this year with his vice and hammer (definitely a blue job) to straighten the pegs enough so that they could be used again. Although they are not quite ‘as good as new’, they certainly will survive another few trips and stop a few tents blowing away (I hope!).