By: Blonde One

Now, here’s a very interesting question. How many ‘one person’ tents does one person need? ‘One’ you might think! Some people suggest that you can never have too many tents. Others suggest a formula for working it out. Personally I like to think that 3 is just about the right number. This is just as well, as that is exactly how many ‘one person’ tents I have!

Whilst in ‘splendid(!) isolation’ I took the opportunity to pitch them all in my back garden. They looked fabulous all lined up just waiting to be slept in! I assessed them for their state of repair, their inner size and porch size and tried to work out which tent is best used in which situation. I decided the 2 Vango tents are better for Morocco style camping (mainly because they pitch inner first and are lighter) and the Vaude tent is better for Dartmoor, even though it is starting to show its age a little. Which one is best for garden camping though?

I had an entertaining time creating videos too!

I love all three of them a lot and can’t wait to get them out properly when things are back to normal.