By: Blonde Two

I have to be honest with you, I am now getting more than a bit fed up with the number and size of sodden(ing) tents that we Blondes are having to dry after this year’s Ten Wet Tors Challenge.  In my olden days, I had a whole Scout hut in which to hang my mess tent and lots of Scout blokes to do the hanging for me.  These days, there are Two Blondes, one medium sized room, “intermittent showers” and a smelly pile of wet canvas.

After the cleaners had departed last night, I lost my temper with the said smelly pile and dragged it out swearing and cussing across fabric chairs, carpets and desks.  I locked the door behind me and forgot all about it.  Which is why, this morning after a very early meeting, I got a bit of a shock to find that the smelly pile had grown into a smelly blanket.  It really was getting a bit pongy so I grabbed a few bemused youngsters and insisted that they help me to carry it outside and drape it over some benches.  Later on I had to bemuse more youngsters because I needed help rolling it up and carrying it back inside.

I spent the whole day looking for clouds.  The good news is that although there were a few, none produced any precipitation (that’s a posh word for rain)!  The bad news is that all but one corner of said tent was dry so I will have to go through the whole tentmarole again tomorrow!