By: Blonde One

Our mission, which we chose to accept, was to test a self-heating food pouch with a view to using it for some of our youngsters when they’re out on expedition. The rice and meat sticks (sausages to you and me) came in the usual foil bag and could be eaten cold or warmed up in the usual way on a camp stove. This time though it was put in a special pouch, with a splash of water to allow the chemicals to do their thing. They soon did! It only took a few minutes for the bag to inflate with the steam. We were a bit worried that it might burst but it just happily cooked away.

12 minutes later we had a piping hot meal. After we had eaten the (delicious) rice and sausages we had a handy hand warmer as the chemical element was still warm enough to use. We decided that this just has to be a new addition to the emergency kit that we carry when we’re out walking with youngsters.