By: Blonde Two

I am really sorry to those of you who have expected to Blonde-In today to find details of sturdy mountain walking and stunning scenery but today I found out that, as well as doing snow, ice and surprisingly warm mountain sunshine, Austria also does rain.  In actual fact, I think what she was doing today was cloud, it was just that our valley is high enough to have been in that cloud.  This was not altogether a bad thing as it has been intriguing all day to watch the peaks disappear and reappear whenever they felt like it.

I did do a little bit of walking in the form of valley exploration.  In Austria, even the valleys aren’t flat and I was glad of yesterday’s purchase, a natty looking, Edelweiss decorated head band to catch the drops of perspiration that insist on forming on my Blonde brow. I think I look quite fetching in it and obviously like a local because two people stopped me to ask for directions (not that directions are really needed in a valley where the only available options are steeply up, steeply down or straight into a gorge).  They asked in German and thankfully each time I was able to respond with a single word, “Ja”!

I have decided to set myself two daily challenges. – The first is to walk somewhere every day (tricky not to in a town where everyone wears walking boots and carries walking poles).  The second is to do a bit of Blonde-made exposure therapy on my fear of heights (tricky not to when even a bus ride has you praying to your maker for deliverance).

Today’s challenges were both met on my visit to der Teufelsbrucke (Devil’s Bridge) in Finkenberg.  At 43 metres high, the bridge should not, in a normal world, compare to a 1000m cable car ride but in my own particular World-of-Blonde (Blonde One is like a mountain goat), any height activity where you have to make your limbs move is much trickier than one where you just have to sit and pray for it to be over.  Anyway, the challenge was met, the bridge was worth visiting, I crossed it and went back to take photos.Der Teufelsbrucke 1 Der Teufelsbrucke 2There is a little story to go with the bridge about how the devil built it across the impassable gorge but insisted on a toll of the first soul to cross.  The villagers (being blonde and therefore very clever) sent a goat over first.  I imagine the devil was a bit cross although I suspect that goat schnitzel would taste much nicer than person schnitzel.