By: Blonde One

As I said yesterday, today was due to be a bit stressy – and I was right!

I am pleased to announce that by some quirk of fate I managed to pass my minibus test today. This has been a long time coming and I eventually bowed down to the inevitable. I am pleased to say that despite being terrified for most of the day, I actually enjoyed driving the bus. I am beginning to get a bit worried about myself. First I buy a new car and find that I am becoming a little bit obsessed with it: I cannot wait to get in it and I find myself offering to drive on nights out. This is not normal! Next, instead of reading the outdoorsy magazines on offer at a certain lovely bunkhouse, I find myself reading ‘Which Car?’. And now to top it all off I find that I’m wishing I had done my minibus test earlier. Any minute now I will be joining the ‘Top Gear’ fan club, watching F1 on TV and going to the Isle of Man TT (the last one is not as far fetched as it might sound!). Somebody save me. I need to reconnect with my girlie self. I must remember to buy more mascara, sing ‘Barbie Girl’ (in my head or out loud) and quickly have a chat with someone about shoes (not walking boots).

If you see me or speak to me in the near future please help a Blonde in distress and avoid all mention of things fuelled by petrol or diesel! Thank you.