By: Blonde Two

So here we all are, almost half way through a Dartmoor 2014 already.  I have been doing some more Blonde maths and worked out that there is, as many of us have long suspected, a direct correlation between one’s age and the speed at which the years pass.  I have written the Blonde equation and it looks something like this;

Where ga = “great age”, c = “speed of year”, n= “some random number that may or may not be related to the concept of something that may or may not exist”;

c = 525949 – (ga x n)

What do you think?  If I can’t make enough money to buy a house on Dartmoor through blog writing, I think my future as a physicist is secure!

Anyway, enough science Blonde Two, back to the point of this post which was to say that 2014 is already turning out to be a year to remember.  Not an easy one for sure, who enjoys being made redundant?  But some particularly precious memories have already been collected in the Blonde memory bank.  I am not going to list them all until New Year but let me describe one;

Imagine a week in which you are feeling anti-climactic, a bit unwanted and generally miserable.  A set of feelings which Kipling would have never allowed in his poem and could be referred to under the term, “Feeling sorry for yourself.”  Well, there was I a couple of weeks ago, in the middle of this mire (Dartmoor bogs are easier to deal with); when one by one, some of our Blonde expedition youngsters appeared in my room bearing cards, presents and lots of lovely words.  Here is a quote for you;

… you have taught me much more valuable lessons.  These lessons got me through Ten Tors and Duke of Edinburgh, the two best things I have ever done!  You have supported me the whole way through and been like a mum away from home.  So thank you.”DSC_1493It doesn’t take a Blonde to work out that there were a few tears sneaking out as I read them.  We will be working with this bunch again soon, I am really looking forward to it!