By: Blonde Two

March 9th 2009 is a date that will go down in Blonde history because it was the day that I put my foot into a hole, fell over sideways and broke my ankle. It was also the date that I was rescued by the Devon Air Ambulance. Blonde One was there and she and I are very excited to be visiting the Devon Air Ambulance Base in Exeter on Tuesday. Last week we took a walk up to Red Lake on Dartmoor to revisit the spot and be grateful for all the wonderful walking-based things that have happened to us since that day. I don’t know much about legs but I do know that if mine hadn’t been dealt with so promptly, I might not have been the walking Blonde I am today.

We were both pleased to find cows rather than ghosts up at this remote but stunningly beautiful spot (I really would recommend a circular walk from Shipley Bridge but you will need some navigation skills). We spent a while remembering the accident, the Ten Tors training walk that led up to it and youngsters we have worked with since. After that we made a video to say ‘thank you’.


Devon Air Ambulance. Make a donation or make a regular contribution. It’s up to you.