By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes have supervised another successful Duke of Edinburgh expedition this weekend.  It was a Bronze practice expedition and the eleven young ladies who were taking part all did themselves proud despite a whole day of rain and a rather unreasonable amount of mud.

As usual, we both had a great time with a lot of high points and a few of the inevitable low points.  It is hard to always feel fabulous (especially if you are knee deep in mud) but luckily for us, our low points tend to come at different times and we are well practiced at keeping each other’s morale up.

One low point this time came at the end of our expedition, at the “parents pick your kids up” moment.  We were a sorry looking bunch (still smiling but filthy and wet) and parents were quick to bundle their soggy offspring into waiting cars.  The kids deserved a quick ride home to their hot baths but it was a sad pair of Blondes left waiting in the car park with the final youngster – out of ten parents so far, none had stayed long enough to say “thank you” to us.

Luckily, the final parents to arrive were lovely and truly appreciative of the weekend and their daughter’s experience.  We cheered up enormously after chatting to them and ended the day back on a (rather soggy) high.

This all got me to thinking about whether or not I always said “thanks” when it was my children doing the expeditions and having the fun.  I like to think that I did,  Blonde One trained my son for Ten Tors and she doesn’t remember me as being particularly ungrateful.  Just in case I have been bad at gratitude at some time in the past, would you mind indulging me while I say some “thank you” things now?

Thank you to the two lads helping us this weekend.  Well done, you were truly stars and we were very  proud of you.

Thank you to Blonde One without whom I wouldn’t have all of these amazing adventures and who knows exactly when to give me Jelly Babies.

And most of all – from both of us Blondes – an extra big thank you to Mr Blondes One and Two who don’t complain when we are away weekend after weekend, when we fill the house with wet tents or when we are too tired to move off the sofa on arriving home.  

Thank you for being there as usual yesterday with your warm cars and smiling faces.  It was just what two bedraggled Blondes needed!