By: Blonde Two

If I said that I had been feeling a bit “cabbagey” recently, would you have any idea what I was talking about?  You would be forgiven at this point, for saying no and indeed, for turning the computer off and going to do something more interesting.  I was trying to explain it to Blonde One during our bluebell walk on Monday and she seemed to understand.

“Feeling a bit cabbagey” is a new expression to me (an probably to the rest of the world) but I like it and I think that I am going to stick with it for a while.  In order to get to the cabbagey state, you have to do three things;  work too hard for a week or two, sit down a lot (whilst working) and make your brain whirr for at least twelve hours a day.  This isn’t difficult to achieve, all you need is a job, a house to manage and an all absorbing hobby.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against cabbage at all;  in fact, I love cabbage in all of its shapes and colours.  I even have times when I crave it – if that sounds weird, please don’t be alarmed, I also crave crisps and chocolate like any normal woman.  One of the first things I like to do when I go to New Zealand is to go to the vegetable shop and admire the size of their cabbages.  They are huge – I am not joking, I will show you a photo later in the year.

In theory, feeling cabbagey should be a good thing.  As well as having shed loads of vitamin C (protects from diseases), vitamin K (strengthens the immune system), vitamin A (good for your eyes), vitamins B1 and B2 (make you more Blonde) and vitamin B6 (who the heck is Blonde Six?) – cabbage is stacked with minerals, proteins and fibre.  Anyone who has spent time with cabbage leaves stuffed down their bra will know that it may or may not be good for inflammation but that it is definitely good for a laugh.

When I finally got out onto the moors on Monday, I could feel the cabbagey state slipping away from me – it is always good to remember that there is a simple cure for this ailment.  Let’s hope that this weekend’s Duke of Edinburgh adventures (I don’t think he is actually coming with us) blow away all traces of cabbage for the time being.  After all, nobody wants to share a tent with a middle aged vegetable!