By: Blonde Two

You might remember that last time we Blondes went Dartmoor wild camping we ended the night in rather a ‘bottom-of-the-tent’ situation. This was due to our inability to choose a flat pitch in the dark.

Well we revisited the same spot the other night and this time put more effort and research into finding a less angled aspect. We must have spent ten minutes wondering round the area muttering phrases such as, “This one’s too bumpy,” “There’s  a rock here,” “This one’s too wet,” and “Didn’t we just look at this one?” Eventually we found what appeared to be the perfect spot, nestled between two rocks, with no sideways roll potential (we are good friends but there are limits) and almost no head to leg height difference. We were very happy with our choice (I hadn’t realised before that you could get memory foam grass) and after a midnight feast had a great nights sleep with not one Blonde stirring until morning.


In the morning, we ignored the fact that my Thermarest was a bit folded up at the bottom of the tent and congratulated ourselves on our fantastic camping skills. Then we had a thought!

This thought was as we liked our pitch so much, we needed to be able to find it again… in the dark. We sat and pondered for a while and then decided to do two things:

  1. Use the Blonde powers of navigation to note surrounding features and the distance from a nearby landmark (this would be known as an attack point).
  2. Use Blonde One’s app to make an exact record of the site (this would be known as cheating!)

It remains to be seen whether or not we can find our perfect wild camping pitch again. Somehow I doubt it, after all what are the chances of us arranging our little tent so that I once more have a comfy Dartmoor dip in which to nestle my bottom?