By: Blonde One

Isn’t it funny how you sometimes don’t know that you’re worried about something until it’s over? I have just completed my first DofE assessed expedition at Trinity School and I had no idea that I was quite worried until the last student had got off the minibus back at school and I could declare the expedition ‘over’. I have done lots of these expeditions before with over twice as many students. I have previously managed: novices, new routes, inexperienced teachers, vehicle shortages, staff shortages, several young leaders, no young leaders, heavy rain, scorching sun, broken kit … all with successful outcomes. So this trip didn’t really present any particular challenges apart from the fact that it was my first one with my new school and I obviously wanted it to go well. Imagine how embarrassed I would have been if I had to go back to school on Monday to tell everyone that it didn’t quite go to plan? They might have thought that unsuccessful trips were the norm for me! Anyway, it went really well. There were challenges: new Young Leaders, new staff, extra vehicles, navigation issues, but nothing that I hadn’t dealt with before.

The two stand out successes and challenges were these:

I discovered that having a minibus with driver along with me changes everything! There was no more trying to be in two places at once. No more doing 2 journeys because all the kit wouldn’t fit in the car. No more having an elaborate plan to make sure that the kit, people and car were in the right place at the right time. It made it sooo much easier! Thank you Ben.

The challenge was the lack of Blonde Two. The tent at night was cold and empty. I missed having someone to run through the events of the day with and do a mini informal debrief. (Don’t tell her I said this but I didn’t miss the pink slurpy bottle or the teeth brushing with no tap though!!)