By: Blonde Two

Something very odd has happened, or is about to happen. The Two Blondes have been anonymous ever since our blog started. But not for much longer.  I give us approximately four hours.  Today the Blonde Jelly Baby is about to jump right out of the bag.  Today is the big reveal.  If you want to know what Two Blondes look like then you need to take the following steps:

1.  Have a shower (nobody likes Mr Smelly!)

2.  Put some clothes on (unless you have the body of a god!)

3.   Get into your car (or put your walking boots on).

4.  Drive (or walk) up to Princetown (it’s on Dartmoor).

5.  Park your car, and pay the obligatory pound.

6.  Stroll on over to the Visitor Centre (avoiding the Blonde fans).

7.  Come on in and help yourself to our Jelly Babies.

8.  Buy a copy of our book and ask us to sign it for you.

9.  Listen to a scintillating talk about all things Blonde.

See you there … or will we?  How can you be sure that the real Two Blondes will be the people in front of you?  Is this a double bluff? Only time will tell!