By: Blonde Two

Today is May 10th. It is Mr B2’s birthday and the day in the year when he and I would usually be setting off on our campervan travels. In recent Mays we have headed for Norway, New Zealand and Scotland, and this year we were thinking about aiming for Sweden. Because travel isn’t likely to be happening anytime soon, we thought we would squash our travel bugs a bit by taking a local walk around the world. Our daily walk took us only an hour and only a mile from home but on the way we managed to visit some exotic and interesting climes, as well as enjoying a bit of exercise (in preparation for Sunday cream tea at our home cafe in the front garden). 

We enjoyed black sand beaches (and a stone wall) in Tenerife, we rolled on the wet grass next to Lake Lucerne, we laid on golden sands (and admired the stonework) on St Matthias island in Papua New Guinea, we ate authentic Italian pasta at our private residence in Sorrento, we drank Caribbean pina coladas on St Martin where we used to live (the house not the island)

We even swam off Eden Island in the Seychelles (the beach was behind this secret gate)

When we got home I started to mark our lockdown local walk travels on my world map. I have also been to Iceland, where the food was all frozen, Greycliff, Uppercliff, Whitecliff and Highcliff (all on the Limestone Archipelago) as well as the People’s Republic of Bingfield Crescent (I’ll be recommending that one to Trip Advisor).

I enjoyed the experience so much I decided to send a couple of postcards to mark our world trip. If you fancy walking off a few lockdown blues, you might like to take your own trip around your local world or home. You don’t necessarily need a handy set of local place names, you can be as creative as you like, and even turn it into a geography lesson. Here are a few suggestions to get you started, can you find:

  • The Bermuda Triangle
  • Greenland
  • Hope Springs
  • Cape Horn
  • Cuba

If we are feeling really fancy and lockdown lasts until Christmas, we will all be able to visit Turkmenistan with a couple of chaps called Mr Laurel.