By: Blonde Two

The Olympic Games must surely be an spur to activity, well that is after we have all enjoyed jumping around and cheering from the comfort of our sofas. They definitely influenced Mr B2 when he got up at five to cycle 30 miles before work, after watching some velodrome action. I particularly like BBC Sport’s ‘Get Inspired‘ campaign, especially their ‘Activity Finder‘ which can help people to find opportunities to try new sports.

The IOC has recently approved five new sports for Tokyo 2020; and being lovers of mountains (but not exactly climbers of them) we Blondes are very pleased to see that climbing has been included. We are also pleased that the IOC has been thinking about young people and have also included surfing and skateboarding in an attempt to encourage them.

I don’t think we Blondes will have finished our training in time for the 2024 games, which is a shame because we would love to see paired-hill-walking, minibus-rallying or jelly-baby-navigation on the list. We could do that wiggly-bottom speed walking I suppose; and orienteering actually would make a good addition, plus it would definitely get more people learning map and compass skills.

Do let us know if you have a sport (real or otherwise) that you would like to see included in 2024. We will see what we can do, and maybe even start our rigid training schedule.

ASIDE: As a girl I wanted to be a synchronised swimmer; I wouldn’t have been any good at it. Maybe that is why I find this symbol so amusing.

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