By: Blonde Two

There is a very clever thing that allows you (if you are Blonde enough to leave your compass on the floor) to find out where north is using only the sun and your analogue watch. (It definitely doesn’t work with a digital one, I have tried it.)

1. Point the hour hand of your watch at the sun (it is easier to do this if you take it off your wrist first).
2. Observe the line that bisects the hour hand and the number twelve on your watch. This is the north/south line. If it is the afternoon you need to go anti-clockwise from your hour hand to find south, if it is the morning you will need to go clockwise.
3. Once you have finished feeling giddy from this multiple rotation (and possible Blondeness), I suggest that you get your compass out of your pocket and do the thing properly.

Compass Watch

I regularly forget how to do the clever watch thing so Mr B2 and I decided to practise (he has a snazzy new watch that knows where north is without any pointing at all). We followed the instructions at 19:55 and they worked beautifully; but (and this is where the Blondeness comes in) I wanted to check that they would still work if it was 03:00. (This will immediately appear to anyone normal person as a very Blonde thing to attempt.)

Blonde Thing 1: I glibly pointed the number three in the direction of the sun; forgetting that it was 19:55 and the sun wouldn’t be in the same place at 03:00. Needless to say, south had mysteriously moved.

Blonde Thing 2: It took me around fifteen minutes to realise that the sun wouldn’t be shining anywhere that we could see it at 03:00.

Blonde Thing 3: It is British Summer Time and it was all wrong anyway!

I have decided to carry a spare compass instead!