By: Blonde Two

Last year we Blondes, together with some of our outdoor-women friends, decided to have our very own viewing (with pizza and wine) of the shortlisted films from the BMC Women in Adventure Film Competition. It is always heartwarming to see other women out there, taking the outdoors in their stride and showing the world what they can do. We enjoyed our evening (and our voting cards) so much that, this year we decided to enter #WAF19 ourselves. To help kick off my 50 Sleeps Challenge, we visited one of the fabulous Welsh bothies that are looked after so well by the volunteers of the Mountain Bothies Association. January in a stone building was so chilly we kept ourselves amused by inventing ways to keep warm and filming our antics.

This year’s entries for the BMC Women in Adventure Film Competition are pretty impressive, I haven’t watched them all yet but my favourite so far is a group of women from the Faroe Islands talking about their sea swimming experiences and the friendships that have grown out of them. Our film is aimed at encouraging women of all ages to see that there can be fun as well as challenge in adventure but it is also a vote of thanks to the Mountain Bothies Association who do such fantastic work maintaining the bothies.

I met some Mountain Bothies Association volunteers this weekend on another January trip to a another chilly Welsh bothy. I will tell you more about them later but for now let’s just say, the story involved a stove, a wheelbarrow and a very steep hill.

If you want a giggle, check out our entry for the BMC Women in Adventure Film Competition 2019, feel free to share it on your social media channels too… (#WAF19 @BMC_team). We would love as many people as possible to see it!