By: Blonde Two

So sadly Mr B2 and I are currently half way home from our fabulous Cairngorms holiday. I have so much to tell you, but for today here are the numbers (I did a similar thing on a trip to New Zealand a few years ago):

Miles 1300 (driven not walked)
Nights in a remote cottage 7
Nights in back of truck 2
Nights in a youth hostel 1
Glens explored 5
Pools swam in 1
Corbetts 1
Munros 0
Metres climbed (many more than usual)
Burns and rivers forded 11
Jigsaws completed 1.5
Books read 7
Books written 0.00001
Books composed in head 2
Kilometres walked (lots and every day)
Hours spent just looking at the landscape (a lot of them)
Rainfall (most days but not all the time)
Bikes carried across mountain passes 1 (Lairig Ghru)
Bikes washed in rivers 1
Rabbits spotted (at least 50)
Deer spotted 1
Red squirrels spotted 1 (but not me again)
Midge bites 16 (thanks to ‘Smidge’)
Midges swallowed 3
Midges squashed 452 (last one at Carlisle)
Midges spotted 1,098,678
Bottles of single malt drunk 0 (in hindsight this was an error)
Days spent just reading and admiring the view 1
Waterproof jackets bought 2
Waterproof jackets returned to shop 1
Sunglasses bought 1
Sunglasses broken 1
Boiled eggs eaten 10
Times internet accessed 3ish
Number of happy smiling people 2

Needless to say, we have every intention of going back. The Highlands of Scotland seep into your bones.