By: Blonde Two

All tents are not made equal.

You have your backpacking, “I can’t sit up.” kind of tent.

You have your three man, “Look how much space there is for my rucksack.” Kind of tent.

You have your family, “Oh no the kids are awake already.” kind of tent.

And you have the tent that has sumptuous twin beds, a wonderful ‘Dartmoor and Daffodils’ view, an en-suite, two radiators, a fabulous bottle of wine and a delicious three-course meal! Most people, I believe, would call this type of tent a hotel!

Thanks to a bit of wild-camping rule-stretching by the Accommodation Officer (myself), we Blondes recently found ourselves staying the night at Dartmoor’s most excellent Cherrybrook Hotel. And what a wonderful night it was too! We arrived to a warm welcome from Dave and Judy and, after a little Dartmoor based natter, were shown up to our room; which, to be honest, was just about perfect. Everything that a pair of Blondes could want. It didn’t really feel like a hotel room, more like a guest room in a rather lovely large house.


The Cherrybrook Hotel is marvellously situated for walking whether you want a quick Bimble up to a tor or a day’s stomp across the North Moor tussocks. With views across Dartmoor from what must be all windows; you are straight onto the moor with a good choice of walking routes almost as soon as you leave the door. (The door, by the way, included a place for wet boots and smelt beautifully of hyacinths). And after a day of aching feet and rucksack carrying, what more could you ask for than a comfy chair in a cosy lounge and a large selection of fine Devonshire ales from which to choose?

Well maybe a hot meal? You know the type of meal, good home-cooked fare on big, hot plates, served with a large dish of fresh vegetables. At the Cherrybrook Hotel, Judy does the cooking and she does a wonderful job of it. The menu was varied and everything was delicious. Like your mum used to make but a bit posher!  We ate with David and Judy and had the most excellent of evenings discussing all things Dartmoor over a tasty bottle of Shiraz. The dining room was as relaxed and informal as the lounge and we genuinely did feel like we were house-guests.

We Blondes would both like to thank Dave and Judy for their warm welcome. We would also like to thoroughly recommend the Cherrybrook Hotel. If you are considering a little walking holiday or just want to get away from it all for a night or two, you will find a warm welcome, bags of Dartmoor knowledge and some rather marvellous food. We hope to be visiting this particular ‘tent’ again very soon!