By: Blonde One

After a winter Dartmoor walk what can be better than a stop at a local pub to sit in a cosy corner with a pint of Jail Ale? If you are walking and exploring the Holne area on the east of Dartmoor you can do no better than a stop at the Church House Inn for your rest. It was built in 1329 and has an amazing history to include the suggestion that William Cromwell visited, that is well worth checking out even if you don’t visit. We were made very welcome by Nathan behind the bar and the atmosphere proved to be just right for a country Devon pub.

I have several associations with the pub from way back to my childhood (I still haven’t found Alison) and a much more recent visit with Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton. It was so nice to be back! The Two Blondes will be visiting very soon for dinner and look forward to trying out the new bunkhouse that is hoped to be ready later on this year. We wish all the best to Heather and Jay!


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