By: Blonde Two

Imagine yourself in a large room, full of women who love the outdoors… and love talking about their adventures. For some of you this imaginary situation may well be akin to your worst nightmare, but for others I am guessing all of your dreams may have just come true. My issue though, as I sat listening to the speakers at WAEXPO 2017, was not that I didn’t like the company (I did, it was a great experience) but more that the wordy side of my brain couldn’t decide what on earth the correct collective noun for a group of outdoor women would be. I went through the following options (I was listening to the speakers, honestly):

A stride… (maybe too bossy)

A march… (maybe too opinionated)

A mountain… (maybe too lumpy)

A rucksack… (definitely too boring)

A summit… (some of us don’t like being on top)

A camp… (too many other connotations)

A tent (some of us bivvy)

A caravan (that’s camels)

A matriarch (not all of us have children)

A cagoule… (kind of frumpy)

An anorak… (too green and old)

A launch… (getting there)

An embarkation… (like it)


I like ‘expedition’ but am sure you (think you) have some better ideas. Answers in the comments below please.