By: Blonde One

My favourite colour happens to be blue. It’s a lovely colour I think and is associated with many natural things (which is why I have it as my favourite I think) for instance the sky, the sea, etc, etc. All of my walking coats (I have many) are blue. (Surprisingly though, the Haribo jacket is red.) My boots started life as blue (they are now a muddy shade of brown/black). Most of my rucksacks are blue (I also have many of these). I also have many girlie things that are blue: nail varnish, an inflatable dolphin who has been named ‘Blue’ who comes on holiday with us sometimes, a favourite Van Gogh design handbag, etc, etc.

I have recently learnt some interesting things about the colour:

The colour blue suppresses the appetitie, so eating from a blue plate is a good idea.

A blue uniform symbolises liberty.

Blue can also symbolise peace (NATO, UN peacekeepers helmets).

In the German language the word for blue means to be drunk.

The President of South Korea lives at ‘The Blue House’.

Interesting heh?! Or is it just me?