By: Blonde Two


When I took her out to see the Dartmoor bluebells the other day, Not-At-All-Blonde asked a valid question, “Why are they called bluebells when they are purple?” (I told you she was sensible!) She has a point, they do have a purple side to their blueness.  I have always thought that June is the month for purple so maybe she is right.  Purple is such a lovely colour and goes with lots of different things.  On Dartmoor, bluebell purple looks lovely with bright yellow gorse but is at its best with the lime green shoots of new bracken.

Bluebells and Bracken

A couple of weekends ago, while we were having our lovely camp in the cow field at Huccaby Farm (would love to go back), the Two Blondes were a bit naughty.  We have discovered that standing outside youngsters’ tents and listening to their conversations can be a very amusing past-time.  You seldom hear anything controversial and in fact it is quite nice to realise that the young people in our care can be as silly and as Blonde as we are.

On the first night of their expedition, the kids were justifiably tired and retired to their tents early.  We were doing some sorting out and just happened to find ourselves outside a chatty tent who appeared to be having a really in-depth conversation.  One voice kept saying “I want to be a colour” and the others sounded really serious in their response.  We kept missing words so were a bit concerned that someone was unhappy.  The conversation continued and voices became more raised until someone announced “Don’t be stupid, blue and green make purple.”  At which point, Blonde One and I had a real struggle to control our giggles.  It was quite soon after this that we realised that the deep, meaningful conversation that had been fascinating us was, in fact, all about a game of ludo.

Whilst it was disappointing to note our kids lack of colour mixing knowledge (I am glad mother nature is better at making purple than they are):  It was heart warming to find out that this group of teenagers were engaged in such a traditional and sociable past-time.  We Blondes left them to their game and took ourselves off to bed with a warm fuzzy feeling and plans to tease them about the colour purple the next day – (their faces were a picture!)