By: Blonde One

On a recent lunch trip the age old debate reared it’s ugly head again … is it jam then cream or cream then jam?

The Cornish and Devonians have long discussed this very important topic and nothing gets tempers rising more than a debate about which way round to put the jam and cream and which is best. I like my scones with jam first then a good dollop of clotted cream and I have always believed that since I am a Devonian born and raised then this must be the Devonian way. Despite evidence to the contrary I will never concede this belief and will fiercely defend it! Whilst working at Badger’s Holt Cafe on Dartmoor as my Saturday job I had many occasions to discuss this topic with customers as I served them their delicious Devonshire delicacy. The Badger’s Holt way was to put jam first and they even had a little rhyme on their menu explaining the correct way to do it. Unfortunately I have forgotten the rhyme but it went something like this … ‘first spread the jam, then the cream, blah blah blah blah, it tastes supreme’! The scones at Badger’s Holt were a unique thing of beauty too. They used to bake on the premises their own large cake shaped scones which were served in wedges. My mouth is watering at the memory. I haven’t been there in a good while so let me know if they are still served this way and also what the rhyme is!

On the recent lunch trip I took my family and my daughter’s boyfriend to Angel’s Tearoom in Babbacombe, Torquay which serves an amazing selection of cream tea variations. I was pleased to be able to teach him the correct way to eat his cream tea. He was very nearly sacked as a honorary member of our family for putting cream first!