By: Blonde Two

Well Blondees and Blondettes. The Dartmoor Bauble Challenge is complete. I apologise to those of you who are not locals and couldn’t take part. Maybe next year we Blondes will have a year long quest to hang baubles all over the UK.

The bauble was supposed to end up on the Dartmoor Christmas Tree for all to admire during the festivities but, in true Blonde style, I managed to smash it on Tree’s rock whilst we were being filmed.

We didn’t have any answers that got all twenty-four locations right but we did have three very impressive attempts. Rachel, Ian and Andy – you all did so well that we would like to send you all a book. Please could you email us your addresses to

The correct answers are below – don’t kick yourselves (or us) too hard!

1. Newbridge
2. Bullseye – Windy Post
3. Wistman’s Wood
4. Loughtor Enclosure (Bellever)
5. Pixie Shop
6. Jay’s Grave
7. Gate below Hartland Tor
8. Mel Tor – towards Venford Reservoir
9. Postbridge
10. Natsworthy crossroads
11. Birch Tor towards Warren House Inn
12. Dart at Dartmeet
13. Rifle Range
14. Rippon Tor path from Hemsworthy Gate
15. Yar Tor Cairn
16. Spitchwick
17. Fox Tor Cafe
18. Hound Tor
19. Windy Post – cross
20. Dunnabridge Pound
21. Fernworthy (Wall’s End)
22. Dartmeet Clapper Bridge
23. Birch Tor (towards Grimspound)
24. The Dartmoor Christmas Tree (or Fox Tor Cafe again!)

Thanks for playing and thanks to Not-at-all-Blonde for all her help with bauble planting!