By: Blonde One

It is well know that Dartmoor has adders. They are shy and elusive creatures but we all know that they are there hidden in the long grass. You might not realise that Dartmoor has cobra’s too! Not the hissing, slithering kind you understand, but the metal, boundary marker kind. There used to be four of these markers, according to Legendary Dartmoor, on the moors but over the years they have been ‘removed’ and sometimes replaced. They were thought to have been placed there in 1864 so they are doing well not to have rusted away completely. They mark the boundary between Walkhampton and the forest of Dartmoor.

Eylesbarrow, just a short walk away from this one at South Hessary Tor, has another cobra. Again this is a replica of the original which was removed a few years ago. The other two have long since disappeared but were placed on North Hessary Tor and Great Mis Tor.

I think they are a great addition to the different styles of boundary markers that can be found on the moors.