By: Blonde Two
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With more national lockdowns in place post-Christmas, Dartmoor might be an escape too far for you. So we thought we’d bring you our very own Blonde online Dartmoor Escape room. All you need is a map (Ordnance Survey Explorer OL28 or the OSMaps app)and a bit of patience.

This is the second of three clues (clue one) (clue three) to help you find your way to a beautiful and appropriately lonely spot on Dartmoor.

Work together or work alone but whatever you do, don’t let the patrols see you, and don’t linger too long, this is an ESCAPE ROOM after all!


It’s early morning. You’ve woken to mist and drizzle under a hedge in the lovely village of Holne. You are clutching a map and a piece of paper…

Dartmoor Clues

You read the riddle from clue one again then explore the map. Luckily it’s one of those waterproof ones and it doesn’t melt in the rain. The penny drops, you know where you’re going.

You want to stay off the roads as much as possible so you head south to find an ancient green lane that takes you through fields to an even smaller village.

The lane turns west and you cross fields for about 40 minutes. The uphill exercise dries off your clothes. Eventually, you come to a ford. You cross the brook on the footbridge.

Dartmoor Bogs

The moorland rises steeply away from you with no clear directional clues. You open the map. There are streams and possible bogs marked to the west so you head south to an important-sounding gate.

Navigation Skills

From the gate you take a track. You know you need to be careful not to follow it too far so you time yourself carefully. Just 25 minutes later you come to a place where other paths join. You head northwest and notice a large pile of stones.

You look across the valley, there are more piles of stones ahead. You walk towards them. You are nearly at the next one when what looks like a patrol appears from behind it.

Dartmoor’s Girts

You slip silently into a trench in the ground. It runs downhill, you follow it and crouch, hidden until the patrol has passed.

You look at the map again. It’s not good news. Your feet are going to get wet!